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How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

how hearing aids improve quality of life
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Being able to hear a bit clearer during your day makes a big difference.

Hearing aids provide valuable benefits that help in improving our quality of life. Having the right hearing aid is sometimes a game-changer.

In this article, we will discuss all the benefits of hearing aids and how they ultimately keep you engaged and connected with all your loved ones and the rest of the world.

  1. More communication in noisy situations

  2. Better brain function

  3. Better physical health

  4. Maintaining an active lifestyle

  5. Better speech understanding

  6. Positive emotional and mental impact on relationships

  7. Increasing confidence levels

  8. Having a sense of control over our lives

  9. Financial well-being

  10. Increased safety during the day

  11. Reducing strain

Let's look at what we'll discuss in this article

What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids are devices that innovatively amplify and strengthen sound. People wear them behind or in the ear. A microphone receives sound before amplifying it and playing it through tiny speakers.

They allow wearers to participate entirely in social activities. One of the concerns of users is the fact that they have to lose their old lifestyle once they adapt to hearing aids. However, it has been proven that hearing aids have helped and drastically changed the lives of those wearing them.

Hearing better is only the beginning. It connects you with the world around you and allows you to enjoy everything you do since you wake up.

Do you need to wear hearing aids while being at home?

More time at home doesn’t mean less time with the hearing aids. The ability to hear usual sounds at home like laundry cycles, water boiling or sounds of birds help in living normally and getting accustomed to the new situation without feeling changes. Hearing aids help boost your mood and maintain the sound quality of things you hear.

You need to regularly wear your hearing aids even when you are at home alone because this helps to ‘exercise’ the ears. It makes you enjoy life moments such as your grandchildren’s voices, music, movies or TV, and even rainfall and thunder outside.

Benefits of hearing aids

benefits of hearing aids
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  • More communication in noisy situations

Modern hearing aids can filter the background noise or distractions. They allow you to choose among different settings and even have a customized program that helps you overcome unusual background noise situations.

  1. They provide special adaptations that can make telephone conversations more straightforward.

  2. They protect against sudden loud noises and they reduce echo.

  3. They improve sound localization abilities.

  • Better brain function

Hearing aids help your brain stay active and fit. A study published and done in 2019 by the University of Exeter found that users of hearing aids for age-related hearing loss preserve better brain function than those who don’t.

  1. Hearing loss can cause dementia or other forms of mental decline.

  2. Hearing aids slow down the deterioration of hearing and the changes that might occur in the brain as you age. It keeps you dynamic and mentally alert.

  3. The earlier you seek help and are fitted with hearing aids, the longer your brain will have the chance to interpret different frequencies.

  • Better physical health

Because the balance and hearing systems are both linked to the inner ear, hearing aids help in improving both. If one system is damaged or stopped working, it affects the other system as well.

  1. It also affects your balance, making you more prone to several falls.

  2. Modern hearing aids can restore the sense of balance and reduce the individual’s risk of injuries.

Hearing loss is associated with heart conditions and high rates of diabetes.

  1. High blood sugar levels damage the small nerves and blood vessels in the inner ear that send the signals to the brain.

  2. When the heart is not functioning properly, the blood supply to the inner ear gets affected which can lead to hearing loss.

Hearing aids help reduce all these conditions. Through following balanced diets and regular exercise, the user can prevent many hearing loss symptoms. They can manage their blood sugar level and attend regular hearing tests.

Reducing Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, roaring, or whistling sound in the ears with no external source of sound. Most of the cases of tinnitus are associated with hearing loss. That is why hearing aids help in reducing tinnitus symptoms.

Masking the sounds of tinnitus through hearing aids pulls your attention away from tinnitus symptoms. They help reduce stress and restore auditory stimulation to the brain.

  • Maintaining an active lifestyle

active lifestyle
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One of the biggest fears of hearing loss is losing the current lifestyle. Hearing aids will help not in restoring your hearing, but in giving back in a way to the lifestyle that you were used to living before. They will help you stick to your active lifestyle.

  • Better speech understanding

Hearing aids allow people to better hear and comprehend speech.

  1. They can fit in more socially.

  2. They can participate more in conversations.

  3. They can enjoy social events more.

  4. They can lead stronger relationships with their family members or work colleagues.

  5. They can be safer since hearing aids help them hear warning signals like traffic or alarms.

  • Positive emotional and mental impact on relationships

Hearing loss can lead to anxiety, depression, and isolation. All this leads gradually to cognitive decline and becoming more introverted. Once you use hearing aids, all of these symptoms can vanish, and all of these negative effects can be reduced. It will have a positive impact on your relationships.

  1. Hearing aids improve performance in school settings and work environments.

  2. Battles over the TV volume level will stop.

  3. Missing out on shared jokes and conversations will be a thing of the past.

  4. People stop feeling lonely and can interact socially and keep up with group environments. They become more outgoing and independent.

  • Increasing confidence levels

Studies have shown that both young and old users of hearing aids experience much higher levels of confidence. Knowing that you will not need any accommodation when communicating with others helps boost your self-esteem.

  1. Hearing aids can boost confidence levels in large halls like churches, concert halls, parties, or convention centers or in intimate settings like telephone calls.

  2. It allows the user to be more engaged without having to ask others to repeat themselves.

  • Having a sense of control over our life

Hearing aids have different styles, designs, models, and technology. Each can be customized to the precise needs of the user.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity is an option used nowadays that allows the user to stream sound from any tablet or phone directly to the hearing aids.

  2. Users can control all the settings found in the hearing aids and can make adjustments on their own.

  • Financial well-being

Hearing loss leads to an average drop in income. It increases the chances of being unemployed twice as those living with normal hearing. Hearing aids however can completely overturn these statistics and improve the quality of working life.

  • Increased safety during the day

Hearing aids can keep up safe. They provide an extra layer of protection against any potential hazard such as someone coming close by or being near a construction site. They allow us to be more aware of our surroundings by amplifying the sounds we need to hear. This is very important when you are on your own without any help.

  • Reducing strains

When you suffer from hearing loss, your whole body strains itself just to stay functional. This causes the brain to make extra effort and work twice as hard just to be able to hear normally.

However, the use of hearing aids and technology can reduce this mental strain you encounter and lighten the load. Without them, this mental stress could lead to serious conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

In conclusion, hearing aids can greatly influence the quality of life for those suffering from hearing loss. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the importance of their hearing until they have lost it. Contact an audiologist immediately if you feel any sudden changes, no matter how small, happening to your ears.


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