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Widex Hearing Aid Batteries 

Types of batteries 

All Widex devices run on zinc air batteries.  Our batteries are coded with a number and a color. Check your device instructions to find out which color you need.

  • Size 10: Yellow

  • Size 13: Orange

  • Size 312: Brown

  • Size 675: Blue

Widex hearing aid batteries

What you should know about hearing aid batteries?

Keep your batteries sealed until you’re ready to use them. If you remove the label, they will start to lose power and be exhausted after 4 weeks or so, even if you don’t use your hearing aid at all during that period.

Store your batteries in a cool, dry place away from children and pets; batteries are dangerous if swallowed. And store your hearing aid with the battery door open to make sure it’s not using battery power when it’s not in your ear.

When it’s time to change to a new battery, remove the label and let the battery ‘breathe’ for 60 seconds before placing it in your hearing aid. Change your hearing aid battery in a flat, uncluttered place with a soft surface; a kitchen table with a tablecloth is ideal.

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