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Widex Hearing Aids: Models, Features, Prices, Benefits and Reviews

widex hearing aids
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Known for its up-to-date technology, Widex is one of the most famous hearing aid brands. It specializes in pioneering and inventive ways to provide the best sound performance and quality ever.

Whether you are a party person, athletic and into sports, or a person who just leads a calm life and prefers having a nice conversation with a cup of coffee, Widex hearing aids are there to fit your lifestyle.

You have several types to pick from, some small and discreet, while others more powerful and strong. With the help of your audiologist, you can find the best quality hearing aid that improves your hearing, style and life.

Hearing aids vary according to the way they are placed in the ear. Whether the hearing aid you select sits in the ear or behind it, Widex models give such a natural sound that you will be amazed.

Every time you go a level, you are offered more features and technology of course, but also more and increased price. Depending on the model, WIDEX hearing aids prices range from $1,400 to $3,600 per device. They are pricey compared to other brands, but the result you get is worth it all. The price differs based on the type of hearing loss, the model, the technical features, the health insurance coverage, location, and the type you choose. The person who can best give you the exact price is your local hearing professional.

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) models: Their receivers sit in a casing behind the ear. They are placed unnoticeably behind the ear. People with mild, moderate to profound hearing loss can use them- it is appropriate for all types of hearing loss and for people of all ages. They have always been the largest type of hearing aids, although some designs have been modified to be barely seen.

  • In-the-ear (ITE) models: They sit in two different ways: one that fills most of the area of the outer ear and one that fills only the lower part. They are the least visible type, customized to fit your ear canal accordingly. People with mild to moderate and severe hearing loss can use them. They have directional microphones and use large batteries for longer battery life. They are more visible than smaller types and may pick up more wind noise than smaller ones do.

  • In-the-canal (ITC): They fit partly in the canal of the ear. They are usually less visible than larger styles.

  • Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) or mini CIC: They fit inside the ear canal. They are the smallest and least visible. They use small batteries.

  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC) and Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE): Similar to BTE hearing aids, they have a receiver that stays in the ear canal with a tiny wire connecting the piece behind the ear to it. They have manual control options and can be available with rechargeable batteries.

Widex issues a new product line every few years. Each one has its updated features and enhanced sound quality. Get introduced to a few of Widex hearing aids:

Widex Moment

  1. Released in March 2020, it delivers the purest, clearest and most natural sound you might imagine. Research showed that patients have different preferences for sound, from music to nature or speech.

  2. Widex MOMENT hearing aid is the latest hearing aid from Widex.

  3. It has ear tips that are available in different shapes.

  4. It is available in BTE, ITE and RIC models.

  5. The price ranges from $1,950 to $3,600 each, depending on the model and bundled services. The price is usually set by the audiologist or other distributers or medical supplies.

  6. Whether you are Android or iOS user, you can directly stream to your hearing aids without using accessories. You can have the best video, music and high-quality calls anywhere you are.

  7. You can charge it with a small, slim and simple charger instead of struggling with hearing aid batteries. However, you still have the choice between rechargeable and battery-powered hearing aid models and styles.

  8. Such model is designed to minimize the risk of moisture damage with its smart engineering, durable microphones and advanced water-resistant nano coating.

  9. It features Zero Delay and PureSound technology.

  10. Using Sound Sense Learn, it uses machine learning, a system of artificial intelligence learning data, identifying patterns and making decisions. It allows the patient to optimize and personalize the sound settings, increasing the sound quality and comfort. Using it, the wearer can create and name their own programs, in addition to saving the settings.

You can experience the best sound that suits everyone using its different models:

  • Moment BTE R D

Rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aids with 37 hours runtime without streaming or 24 hours with approximately 8 hours of streaming.

  • Moment 13 D

  • Moment BTE 312

  • mRIC R D

They are the smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aids with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. You have the chance to enjoy direct streaming of TV, music or conversations from iOS or DEX through using Widex Moment app.

  • Moment RIC 10

All MOMENT models support complete audio streaming capabilities except RIC 10. It doesn’t support wireless streaming from Android or iOS devices

  • Moment RIC 312 D

  • Moment CIC ITE (in-the-ear)

  • Moment XP ITE

It is mostly used for mild to severe hearing loss. It doesn’t allow Bluetooth streaming, but it allows remote programming. It uses a disposable size 312 battery, offering 2 to 3 days longer life.

Widex Moment Sheer

  • After 2 years of launching MOMENT, it was introduced in September 2022.

  • It is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss.

  • It features the PureSound technology.

  • Having Widex Sound Relax, it manages tinnitus and supports relaxation and concentration.

  • It is rechargeable with full connectivity using a new charger without its lid.

  • It can run for 29 hours without streaming or 16 hours with 8 hours of streaming.

  • It includes LED light indicators showing the charging status.

  • It provides direct streaming with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity using both Android and iOS devices.

  • You can fine-tune your hearing using Widex Moment app on Android or Apple smartphones.

Widex Moment Sheer sRIC

Other than all the above-mentioned features, its microphone parts are redesigned in a way to make it more comfortable and easier to process, hear, place, and detect sounds in very complex and noisy environments.

mRIC R D and the new MOMENT SHEER model are the only rechargeable models in Moment line. All the other models require disposable batteries.


  • It was released in mid of 2018.

  • The price ranges from $1,875 to $2,600 each, depending on the model and services.

  • It is the first smart hearing aid: It automatically makes hearing aids suitably adjusted based on your needs and environment around you. It learns from the different situations you face throughout. It simply “evolves”, keeping up with you whether you are indoor or outdoor.

  • Because of its Adapt technology, it remembers all the changes you make in the settings and smartly applies them to similar situations, even when places in a completely new environment.

  • Since sounds are always changing, EVOKE reacts to its environment through Fluid Sound Analyzer.

  • With built-in Fluid Sound Controller, EVOKE sets the perfect sound in noisy and quiet situations.

  • With SoundSense Technology, you can choose from two sound profiles. You listen to them and select which sound you prefer, as many times as you wish.

It simply keeps evolving and getting smarter every day.

  1. EVOKE Fusion

  2. EVOKE Fashion

  3. EVOKE Fashion Mini

  4. EVOKE Fashion Power

  5. EVOKE CIC Micro



  8. EVOKE Custom ITE

  • Without touching it, it identifies the situation you are in and what sounds need to be improved.

  • It features superior sound quality, with a sound processing classification system known as Sound Class Technology. Using its nine sound classes, it adjusts and delivers the perfect sound based on your situation.

  • It has Wind Noise Attenuation System which reduces wind noise. This makes speech easier to hear and the hearing aid itself more comfortable to use.

  • While having four different technology levels, your audiologist will help you choose which level best suits your type of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.


  • It is the first hearing aid made for iPhones with 2.4GHz.

  • Like the previous models, they are compatible with the full set of wireless DEX devices, with a streamer providing Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from devices other than Apple.

  • The wearer can control the streaming, directional focus, hearing aid volume and sound equalization adjustments.


  • In these hearing aids, the size of the processor engine is reduced by 40% for cosmetic options, without of course interfering with the sound quality. They are available in MOMENT, EVOKE and UNIQUE models.

Notable technologies and features

Widex has been always known to be the best and most suitable hearing aid brand for musicians and its consumers think of it as the best for natural music reproduction.

Hadassah Kupfer, a hearing aid specialist and audiologist in Brooklyn, New York, states that the product is attractive to musicians with hearing loss “who need high-fidelity sound for their live music.” He complements by saying that Moment line might be a match for special hearing levels and lifestyles. He confirms that there is no ‘best’ hearing aid. There is the best hearing aid for you.

It is also a major contribution to tinnitus relief due to the Zen Fractal technology, offering a range of sound therapy solutions. Fractal tones are generated to manage tinnitus noises in the head and ears through the ability of streaming soothing and calming sounds into their hearing devices. In addition to all that, it provides counseling techniques to enhance sleep and relaxation.

This technology is presented in all the models of Widex hearing aids and was presented in 2012.

What wearers say about Widex

Most consumers have positive reviews on Widex hearing aids. A consumer posting a review on had many positive things to say about MOMENT hearing aids. They mentioned that the sound they are experiencing is the best sound they have ever heard.

Another user on using EVOKE hearing aids wrote that once they started wearing EVOKE hearing aids, they felt younger. They regret waiting so long to get them since they consider them ‘life changers.’

One grandmother stated that hearing her first granddaughter’s cry was like music to her ears; it was one of the greatest miracles she encountered.

Brian Jackson, a legendary composer, flautist and pianist, stated that after using Widex Pure Sound, he heard the difference and experienced a ‘dimensional experience’. He declared that Pure Sound is completely different that it made him remember how the piano sounded like 40 years ago.

When selecting the right hearing aid, need and preference play a huge role. You need to find the right hearing aid solution to meet your lifestyle. All this effort is for you to have the best possible hearing in your everyday life. Make sure to know about all the features present in each hearing aid and work with your audiologist accordingly to choose the right fit.

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