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Widex Emirates was established in 1997 and today, we are partners with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids. Widex Hearing aids are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

Widex develops digital technology at a level only few can match and has a reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry leading to such advances as the world’s firsts digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as revolutionary wireless technology.

Hearing loss is subtle, yet devastating and like everyone, people with hearing loss are exposed to a wide range of different sounds and at different levels. So it’s important to have a hearing aid that helps you hear soft sounds while making sure that loud sounds are not too uncomfortable.

Widex Emirates Hearing Care
Widex Hearing Aids

Quality Hearing Aids

Our mission is to provide hearing solutions that are easy to use, seamlessly integrated in daily life and enable people to hear naturally.


At Widex Emirates we provide a caring environment to each individual offering advice and support. We also understand the importance of including family members when deciding on a particular model and type.

We make unique tailor made solutions so that your hearing aid suits your exact hearing loss and the way you listen. They are designed and fitted to be comfortable to wear wherever you are.

WIDEX milestones

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