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5 Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus 2022

hearing aids for tinnitus
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What role do hearing aids play when experiencing tinnitus?

Hearing aids are the number one tool for tinnitus relief. This is because tinnitus is most often a major symptom of hearing loss. When you have hearing loss, making sounds audible again through amplification can cover up the sounds of tinnitus and over time retrain your ears to function more naturally again. Most hearing aids mask tinnitus symptoms by blending them with existing background noise.

Widex is a prime leader in tinnitus management. Widex differentiates between hearing loss and tinnitus. It recognizes the influence of each on the person and therefore creates hearing aids that accommodate all group ages.

The Widex Zen Therapy is a tinnitus management app which brings comforting sounds that help the patient avoid silence and the brain focus on sounds other than his tinnitus. It has masking features that play amplified tones or natural sounds directly to the ear, thus reducing the impact of tinnitus. It can be also used for meditation and relaxation. It is available in most Widex quality hearing aids.

Each hearing aid has a unique approach and style to suit individual levels. Have a glimpse at the best hearing aids available:

Widex Moment mini-receiver-in-canal (mRIC)

It is the smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. You can charge it easily using a simple and slim charger. Using the Widex Moment app, you can enjoy direct streaming of music, TV or any conversation from iOS or Android devices.

Apart from having a convenient tiny aid size, it also provides improved moisture protection. Because there’s no battery door, there is less risk for moisture to sneak into.

Widex Moment Sheer receiver-in-canal (RIC)

With Widex Moment Sheer high-quality hearing aids, you can easily fine-tune your hearing and get the perfect sound you prefer, specifically in the moments that are important to you. It provides clarity by beating poor and artificial sound that is common in other hearing aids. It suits minor to severe hearing loss. It is slim and light existing in 13 different colors.

It is a rechargeable hearing aid with full connectivity to iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with the Widex Moment app, so the wearer has the option to control his hearing aid using this app on an Apple or Android smartphone.

The battery lasts for around 29 hours with no streaming or for 16 hours with 8 hours streaming. It includes LED light indicators to show the charging status.

EVOKE Fusion 2 Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

It is a hearing aid made for iPhones. It gives you the chance to utilize machine learning with a “Sound Sense Learn” feature that personalizes the sound settings in any environment. Being called the world’s first smart hearing aid, this simply means that every time you employ EVOKE hearing aids, they change in their function. They learn from different situations and from your own inputs to provide a natural hearing experience automatically.

It offers additional 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity and uses an accessory streamer for non-iPhone Bluetooth devices.

It uses 312 size of disposable batteries with a rechargeable option. This hearing aid includes the Widex Zen Fractal Technology for tinnitus relief.

EVOKE Fashion Mini (FM) Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Intelligent hearing and long battery life come along with this hearing aid. It is used for minimal to severe hearing losses. It can be fitted with open fit tubes and domes or classic hooks that provide direct and live streaming from iOS and can be used via the WIDEX EVOKE app. It uses SoundSense Adapt to learn the preferences of the users and guide them to better and personalized sounds. Around 7 Evoke BTE hearing aids are available in 10 to 13 Widex Evoke colors.

EVOKE Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

It is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. It is considered from the smallest hearing aids and the least noticeable since it is concealed within the ear canal. It uses a size 10 hearing aid battery. It can be found in both wireless and non-wireless devices, but it’s always better to go with the wireless. It may be small but offers pure and ordinary Widex sound, achieving maximum relaxation and sound quality. This hearing aid is targeted to people who want an unnoticeable but functional and handy option they can have control over.

Widex offers the best hearing aids and tinnitus management tools. The different hearing aids demonstrated here and their approaches should be of benefit to most individuals with tinnitus. The Widex Zen sound therapy is a worthwhile treatment for many tinnitus patients. Check with your audiologist which one is best for you and suitable for your condition.

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