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World Hearing Day 2024

world hearing day 2024

Hearing is vital for our communication abilities, social participation, quality of life and health. As per World Health Organization, over 80% of ear and hearing care needs around the globe remain unmet. They are alerting that the number of people with hearing loss is increasing.

 Today, it is estimated that around 460 million people in the world are affected by the problem, while another 500 million people are affected by other disorders that have a huge impact on their life. To raise awareness of all hearing impairments and how to prevent them, the World Health Organization established March 3rd as the World Hearing Day. Read more to know more about this event.


Due to the rapid changes in population demographics, the increasing exposure to key factors such as recreational noise, and the ignorance and persistence of untreated ear conditions such as otitis media, the prevalence of hearing loss is estimated to rise significantly in the coming decades.

Many of the causes that lead to hearing impairments are preventable. Those with hearing loss can greatly benefit from appropriate interventions, from effective implementations to public health measures. 


What is World Hearing Day?


World Hearing Day is an annual global event that raises awareness regarding hearing loss and promotes ear and hearing care, calling for action to address hearing related issues. It is the largest global awareness campaign on hearing care that calls for action to address hearing loss.

This day emphasizes the importance of hearing health and advocates for accessible ear and hearing care for all. It is organized by the World Health Organization (WTO) at its headquarters in Geneva, which draws attention to the significant numbers of people with hearing loss and effective interventions available to prevent or treat it through brochures, flyers, banners, posters, infographics, presentations and others. Social media campaigns, virtual events and webinars are also used by organizations to promote hearing health and raise awareness about hearing loss.


When is World Hearing Day?


This event is celebrated yearly on March 3, covering a specific theme on which the World Health Organization and its partners carry out activities that covers this theme. Did you know that World Hearing Day is celebrated on March 3 each year since 2007 because the date 3.3 symbolizes the shape of two ears?

 It unites stakeholders from all around the world in a mission to address hearing loss and all related issues.


The foremost theme that World Hearing Day 2024 will cover this year is “Changing Mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!” It highlights how we can all help in contributing to the changing of mindsets, making sure the people living this experience find the world they are in an inclusive place to engage with.

World Hearing Day 2024 will be observed, taking into consideration the following objectives:


–Covering the common misperceptions related to hearing problems in communities and among healthcare providers


–Providing accurate information with proofs and evidence, trying to change public perceptions of ear and hearing problems


–Calling on civil society to address misperceptions related to hearing loss, ensuring reasonable access to hearing care


Why Is It Important?


One of the keys messages that is always highlighted on this day is the fact that unaddressed hearing loss is drastically increasing and creating many implications comprising:


–Increased risk of loneliness among the sufferers


–Emotional and social consequences


–Lack of communication with people, affecting the individual’s occupational, leisure, educational, and social activities


–Activity limitation and participation restriction for the partners and family members as a result of their partner’s communication difficulties



There are several ways to celebrate and participate in this event:


–Screen your hearing: You can take advantage of free hearing screenings that are often offered on this day.


–Advocate and Educate:


·       You can share information about hearing loss prevention, the different signs of hearing issues and all the available treatments.


·       Attend local events and workshops that emphasize on hearing health and all its related topics.


·       Push for sign language interpreters at public events and the use of assistive technology in schools and workplaces.


–Reduce noise pollution: Advocate for keeping quiet environments at home and work.


–Support Affected Individuals: Offer support and understanding to those suffering from hearing challenges, making them feel involved in all aspects of life.


–Engage Online: Use all the effective social media platforms to share messages and join discussions that are related to hearing health.


Share the facts


You can share these important points to communicate with the young generation about noise-related hearing loss and all the other kinds. Keep in mind that young people nowadays may not understand the level of noise that might damage their hearing.


–Over time, being surrounded by too much loud noise can make you lose your hearing.


–Try to avoid loud noises.


–Use ear protection when exposed to loud noises (like earplugs and noise-canceling headphones) when around loud noises.


What are Some Relevant Hashtags to Use?


To be involved more, you can spread the word and amplify the message of World Hearing Day. You can connect with a global community using the following hashtags:








Changing mindsets related to ear and hearing care is very important to unaddressed hearing loss. Raising awareness and education is a key factor to promoting hearing care. World Hearing Day is the ideal day to spread the word about the importance of hearing care in people’s minds, world’s media and on the global health agenda. To learn more about ear and hearing education and the 2024 World Hearing Day, visit:


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