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All You Need to Know About Widex Moment Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Widex Moment Rechargeable Hearing Aids
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WIDEX MOMENT embraces the market’s smallest rechargeable hearing aids, with a high-quality streaming and a sound that is so natural, clear and undistorted.

Whether an iOS or Android user, you can immediately stream to Moment hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity, without the use of accessories. That includes having finest and high-quality calls, video and music whatever place you are. You can also control your hearing aids from your smartphones through specific mobile apps. Patients can adjust the volume, choose to mute it and control their streaming easily. You can simply relax knowing you will have the ability to hear every MOMENT.

No matter how good and natural the sound seems when using a hearing aid, you can still feel it is the hearing aid and not the real sound because of the delay in sound. However, with the use of WIDEX MOMENT, this artificial sound is eliminated. It alters the template of sound in real life with the development of Widex PureSound, providing a transparent sound for first time users. It includes as well ZeroDelay technology, a completely revolutionary way to manage sound signals faster than any other digital hearing aid. It virtually removes all the delay, so the sound the patient is hearing seems so natural and real.

Widex Moment is available in four receiver-in-canal (RIC), three behind-the-ear (BTE), and three in-the-ear (ITE) models. It comes in various skin tones and distinctive colors such as hot pink and turquoise. Your audiologist can help you with choosing the ideal and most suitable model for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle. They can show you all about cleaning them, connecting them to your phones, turning them off and restarting them when needed, sorting out any other problem you might encounter and informing you about their warranty.

No struggling with how to charge them and how to use their batteries. They only have a slim and simple charger that is lightweight, beautifully and skillfully designed, giving you up to 20 hours of continuous use. In addition to that, it lessens the risk of moisture damage. This makes it more durable. Because of the absence of a battery door, there are always less gaps for moisture to creep and sneak into. Enhanced water-resistant nano coating allows fewer gaps for moisture when exercising or getting caught in the rain.

The devices are also present in four unique technology levels (110.220,330, and 440), with the lowest level being the most basic and least expensive and the highest level giving the best and highest performance, features and price.

Let us have a look at some of the models and their key features.


They are perfect for mild to severe hearing loss. You can securely put behind the ear, providing pure and natural sound, with buttons for volume changes. They come with disposable or rechargeable batteries. It presents intelligent automation when needed and personalized control when wanted. They are direct streaming hearing aids where you can directly stream using the Widex Moment app and enjoy all your conversations social interactions. They have multiple wireless connectivity using WidexLink technology and the ToneLink App.


Widex Moment RIC and Sheer mRIC is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid. It is the most popular style and appropriate for minimal to severe hearing loss. They are at the moment the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid battery models without the use of disposable batteries. A four-hour charge gives 16 to 20 hours of use depending on the time of streaming being used. They sit comfortably behind the ear and has buttons for volume changes.


Widex Moment Completely-in-canal (CIC) is put in the ear canal instead of behind it. Although it’s small, it offers a pure and natural Widex sound. If you’re searching for an invisible and obscure hearing aid that is easy to control and use, then this model is your solution. Although small in size, it is very powerful and provides you with the distinguished Widex sound. It is custom molded to fit your ear and is best for mild to severe hearing loss. It uses a disposable size 10 battery. It doesn’t allow Bluetooth streaming. The volume and program control can be applied through a Widex app or a remote control. It is attuned with a wide range of Widex different accessories.

If you prioritize sound quality over everything else and you want to feel as if you are not wearing a hearing aid, then you will not be disappointed with any WIDEX MOMENT model. It ensures you get exactly the sound you want, in exactly the moments most important to you. You can hear like you used to before, from the very first moment.

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